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Full Version: Another Red Dot for sale
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This is being sold now for $1227.

This one was sold in mid October for $1237.

Same seller, different serial number, neither has ROM bugs.

You missed this one...same seller as well.

HP 35 red dot for > $1600

Indeed ! Complete and all original, except for the ac adapter.

I do not agree with you about the charger. This is an original HP-35002A, that was the first type of charger sold with the 35 RD.
Perhaps the skeleton of the battery pack is not an original 35001A but this is very hard to verify by the pictures.


Edited: 9 Dec 2011, 2:36 a.m.

(pictures are large enough, when using the galery view), so everything seems to be fine :)

Hi Ignazio,

Hate to be picky, but the original ac adapter is a 03502A, not 35002A. Looking at the enlarged photo in the listing, the model number on the ac adapter appears to be 82002A, which was a later model for the ac adapter. In fact, when I bought my HP 35 Version 3 in mid 1973, it came with that charger that looks the same as the earlier model and was made in the USA. I agree that the calculator looks authentic, as do the other accessories including the hard travel case.