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Full Version: HP-41 Card reader 82104A
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Can anyone elaborate on the technique to get the I/O cover off the case? The Service Manual on TOS leaves me wondering how to exactly do this.

I am trying to troubleshoot two card readers I have, one does not read cards (Checksum and Card Error messages) and the other appears to have a bad ROM as it is not even recognized with CAT 2.

I hope I can make 1 good from both or does anyone have parts?

Thanks, but none of these demonstrate how to get the I/O Port Cover off.

I need to take all the boards out as there is either a bad ROM or other component that is preventing the card reader from getting power.

Hi Adam,
if I have understood well, you need to take apart the cover of the I/O contact in a 82104A card reader. Take a look at these image:

Hope this can help you.




That's what I was wondering, where was it attached??

Thanks Ignazio!

Sorry Adam, but I've not understood your question. Can you reformulate the answer?
The I/O cover must slide on and off the bottom case until it's locked in its site.

Let me know if my answer is clear enought.