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Full Version: You shared my grief...
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...and on Friday my three HP15C LE I ordered in September arrived in Hamburg at the customs (s/n no. 017XX, 018XX).

Wow, this was really a feeling like being a child before christmas.

Played with them on the weekend, and I am really happy about the machines. This is exactly what I was waiting for since my studies (started with an HP48G, then a Sharp PC E500, a TI-82, back to the HP48, HP48G-II (crappy thing), HP49G (7 replacements, then I gave up), HP35S (too big for the pocket) and now.... finally I am there.

Impressed an old collegue who will be retired soon and who is working with a *very* used 11C with my new machine.

The only thing are the loose 'f' and 'g' keys, but ok, as long as they are working I will not complain.


Glad to hear your story has a happy ending! :)

I have 2 on backorder from HP Small Business.
I received another email from someone at HP today and here is a cut and paste of part of it:

"The factory has updated the ETS to December due to back log reasons. I will make sure to have you informed through all whole process regarding this unfortunate delay."

Makes no sense to me considering we are almost a week into December already, unless they mean 2012...

Just as well you got the calcs, but four months wait!! That's too much even for the notoriously thick bureaucratic red tape going on in customs.

I mean no disrespect to anyone but wouldn't it be great if instead of spending all that money in protectionistic barriers goverments actually invested it in research, technology, promotion of entrepreneurial spirit, etc, etc.... ??

who knows, maybe the same people would be designing the 41 CL++ instead of issuing and filling out forms to clear customs and pay the import duties. That's a nicer (not to mention way much more clever in the long run) scheme in my book.

Dream on grasshopper...

I am glad you got them, such a shame you ended up waiting so long.