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Full Version: Quote symbol in Alpha mode on 41C?
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Hi folks, its been a long time for me since I sat down with 41C. I pulled out my old Time Module Function book and started entering the program listing for the SETALM routine. I cannot remember how to enter the quote (")symbols around the message text prompts. I've looked through the manual and cannot find any mention or sight of a quote (")or double quote ("")symbol entry in Alpha mode. Example: "TIME ?" - as a prompt to the user for an input. I can't figure out how to get the quotes in there.

I've looked on the back of the calc and the symbol isn't there. Could you help me out? Many thanks for your help!

There's no way to enter a quotation mark symbol from the keyboard, except maybe with a special ROM module that extends the key parser. You can get a quotation mark symbol into the alpha register using functions like XTOA of the Extended Functions Module (effectively built in on the 41CX).

However, if you're looking at program listings, they are printed with quotes around all alpha string program lines. You don't enter the quotes. If you want to prompt with the string TIME ?, not including the quotes, you just press ALPHA T I M E space ? ALPHA.

You are over complicating a very simple issue. The double quotes are a practical abbreviation for the [ALPHA] key. When 41C listings appear, it is smoother on the eye to read "TIME?" than to read [ALPHA]TIME?[ALPHA].


Actually, are we talking about the Quotes in the manuals, in which case I agree with Namir and Eric.


are we talking about quotes on a alpha display, in which case, Synthetics are your answer. You can create it with a simple byte jumper, or CCD or equivalent module or as Eric said "XTOA".

I have labelled many alpha prompts and displays with the " (double quote).

Cheers, Geoff

I used the CCD module in my 41CL (YEHHH MONTE) to produce this display in about 3 seconds.

added later: the title confused me, I thought you wanted quotes in the alpha display. I guess the missive RTFT (read the full text) applies here.

Edited: 1 Dec 2011, 9:10 p.m.