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Full Version: anyone recognize these pics from old HP manuals?
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The pictures came from two different HP manuals. Notice that the captions are, essentially, the same.

The good old days.

The good old days.

Of miniskirts...

Wasn't touching that one :-)

She looks like she is putting money into a coffee vending machine--you know, the kind that dates from the same period--the cup drops down, there is a whirring inside the box, and coffee flows down, then cream.

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"Conversational BASIC language" haha

For i=1 to 10...

BIG hair. lol

the cup drops down, there is a whirring inside the box, and coffee flows down, then cream

Or, more likely, the cup does NOT drop down, but the coffee still flows (down the drain), and you are left for nothing to show for your quarter!

Nice sophisticated ASR33 teletype I/O devices. In my early days in field service one of my customers had a little HP mini that ran some data entry terminals at a remote location and logged the data on spools of paper tape that they would then use to transfer the data to the mainframe. The console was an ASR33 which would chatter away endlessly. My employer also used them for I/O on a customer terminal system for a large hotel chain, but I never had to service any of them. I did however service lots of terminal equipment that used a modified selectric typewriter as the I/O device.

Of miniskirts...

And bleached blondes.

... and beehive hairdos.

And four footed/legged chairs that today have five for better stability.

Has anyone ever seen those female operators? The ops I knew had bald patches instead of beehive hairdos and no miniskirts.

And four footed/legged chairs...

The five-footed chairs that have become universal have only one main objective...to make it impossible to lean backward and potentially cause a fall when the legs slip out. It's just one of those office funny moments that are now gone, in the interest of safety.

Sex Sells :-)

Having spent a few years as a field service tech I assure you that computer rooms with very attractive operators do exist.