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Full Version: HP32Sii color scheme
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I've another question regarding the HP32sii: I know that the older version machines had orange/blue shift keys, whereas more recent models have got green/purple(lilac?) ones. Thus, I was surprised to learn from HP database that after the orang/blue versions, blue/white color schemes were apparently introduced. So, is this just a "typo" or do these blue/white machines really exist (I've never seen one)? Besides, if they do exist, does anyone know on their rarity in comparison with the original orange/blue machines? Thanks for your time!


Ok. The name of the "new" scheme might be blueish green / whithish lilac or something like it.

Oh, OK, I see! So, I didn't miss anything ;-) and there's actually no 3rd color scheme of the HP32Sii. Thanks for the information!