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Full Version: MoHPC - 15C | 15C LE update?
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Curious, are any MoHPC curators planning to update the 15C info page to include the 15C LE?

Edited: 29 Nov 2011, 1:09 p.m.

AFAIK there is only one curator, he put a gargantuan effort into building this wonderful site, then for the last eight years or so he has had an actual life apart from this site.

Also, every couple of years or so, I spend 4-8 months round the clock doing a new DVD release. Then after I get that done, I want to take a break - which often does seem to last till the next DVD version. In fact, I'll probably be spinning up another DVD project this winter if people can find enough manuals that aren't already included.

I also need to do some forum updating. It seems there are too many "false positives" lately. ie: too many messages being identified as possible spam and being sent to moderators for approval. Some of these spam detectors date to times before I wrote the user account code and really aren't that necessary anymore.

Hi Dave, since you show up: Is there anything we can contribute to get that famous "Other" page updated?