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Full Version: Just got my HP41CL board!
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The subject line says it all. I am looking forward to getting the time to install it and to start playing.

Thanks Monte!



Mine comes today!!!

A journey of fun and discovery awaits you, buckle up!!! :-)

Man, when it rains, it pours! I not only got my 41CL board today (yahoo!), but my new iPhone 4s just showed up. And Geoff is sending my 41CV donor machine back to me this week with his unique TLC ready for an upgrade to a 41CL. It will be interesting to compare the speed of the 41CL to the i41CX+ RPN Calculator app for the iPhone.

Thank you Monte and Geoff!


Mine arrived today also. The donor case needs a post repair, so I can't play with it much yet. :-(