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Full Version: HP-01 "bargain"
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And you thought a HP-01 is expensive?

Look here.



Joerg; point taken. but since it's not RPN i don't want an 01 either.

i think that if someone paid me 40,000 bones for an old watch; i'd throw in free shipping. hell. i might even go in halvsies on the insurance.

wait a minute. was that big number in lira?

Something is fishy. Either the top two bidders know each other (how can one outbid the other one going from $300 to $40k in one swoop?) or this is a way to pay the mafia.

Since it's now at $305 instead of $40K this was obviously some biding mistake (dropped decimal point) and has been retracted.

There are a pile of cancelled bids tagged as "molesting the auction" or similar. Not just these insanely high ones either.

- Pauli

The last time I've seen one, it ended up with AFAIR 650 USD.

db: no more Liras since 1/1/2002
But never say never: let's wait and see; a couple more downgrades from S&P e co. and we will be back there.

or this is a way to pay the mafia

WOW Namir! Other words of wisdom? o.O


Edited: 28 Nov 2011, 12:56 p.m.

Massimo; A couple more shenanigans from the financial sector and the owner class and we may all be there.