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Full Version: OT: Manual for Casio FX-3900P needed
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I have a dozen HPs and I like them. I was given a Casio FX-3900P by a friend at work, but I lack the manual (obviously).
* Would like to know how to enter a data pair.
* How to program it.

Matti Sweden

Thanks Marcus, but the manual I need is the one for the fx-3900P. The link points to a fx-3900PV.
The search goes on...
Regards, Matti

I thought they are (almost) the same.

Edit: A short look at casio.ledudu.com reveals they're not.

Edited: 26 Nov 2011, 3:17 p.m.

The Casios work all in a similar fashion. A sample program can be found on rskey.org. You need to go into MODE 2 (WRT) (or 3 (PCL) to make room first). In MODE 2 you can input your program. You run it in MODE 1 (RUN). Prog N (1 to 4) will start a program. For paired statistics you go into MODE LR (divide). Data points are entered with DT (on the root key). A pair is entered with a comma if I remember correctly.

Thanks a lot Marcus!
I found the data insert key - its labelled DT.
As you said the data pairs are separated by a comma.

Regards Matti