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Full Version: OT - casio fx-750p manual
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Sorry to use this forum for other machines.
I was given a Casio fx750p with a 4k memory module. I don't really know how to use it, i missed all these products because already in love with HPs at that time.

I don't have the manual; is there an electronic source for downloading such manuals?



I don't know where I got mine from, but here you are: http://www.mvcsys.de/download/fx-750p_e.pdf

Hello Marcus. Thank you very much,


Giancarlo from italy

FYI, at least two commands are undocumented:


I discovered them 27 years ago!

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The FX-750P is internally very close to the PB-700 and its successor PB-770. It shares the statistical functions with the latter. There is a strange caveat: If you have the cassette interfaces for both you can exchange programs but the FX-750P lacks the lower case characters. That wouldn't be a problem if they were mapped to their upper case equivalents but they simply vanish. More info about this can be found here:



Strangely, the official manual of FX-750P does not mention these two commands.

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