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Full Version: 15C emulator display bug
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When pressing 'f', I get a part of the skin copied to the display. It even persists when closing and restarting the emulator. The strange display returns to normal state when pressing another button.

Is this only me? I'm running the original HP emulator under Win7 64Bit on a recent Acer laptop, still with the original drivers (except scratchpad).

No problem with emulator display running on XP V3 32bit.

Thomas, maybe your skin file is corrupted. If the 15C emulator works the same as the 20b SDK (the base for the WP 34S emulator GUI) then I understand well what is happening. Some "segments" of the emulated LCD are drawn as vectors while others (mainly the annunciators) are drawn by copying part of the skin graphic to the screen area. In the latter case the source area is a polygon that encircles the annunciator graphic in the underlying bitmap. Look for the display definitions in the skin file.

Thomas, you are not alone.

Thank you very much for your answers!

Updating the driver for the ATI Mobility 5650 solved the problem :-).

Same with me - same problem

I have the same problems as Thomas (Windows Vista x64, Nvidia GEForce 8500) and I don't quite understand what the remedy should be. Should I reinstall the emulator in order to restore the skin file?
Thanks in advance.

In order to save one license, try updating your display drivers first.

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Good news, thank you.