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Full Version: 48gii on USB???
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I see the 48gii comes with a USB cable (HPCalc sales site). I thought the 48gii was serial only. I have 2 units and neither work with the Kenpo usb driver (Windows cannot id the device) - my 50g works fine.

The same two 48gii works fine in serial mode. Does the same connector really support USB and serial?

I worked on this thing when it first was developed and I sure don't remember the USB capability on the 48gii. Am I just getting old and forgetful?

I got into this thread because a user emailed me about Conn4x

As I understand it, there are two versions of the 48Gii.

Older model has serial only (using a mini usb connector on the calc!) and uses 3AAA batteries.

Newer model has both serial and USB (I assume using the same connectors as the HP50G) ans uses 4AAA batteries.

I would like to know in more detail how one can distinguish between these two models if one cannot hold the physical unit (like when shopping on the auction site).


The original Hp 48Gii has only a small micro? RS-232 port (not the same plug as a mini USB). The new 48Gii has both plugs on top.

The original had 128K of RAM of which 80K was available and no eq. library. The new one has 256K of RAM.

The old 48Gii came with an open slip case, the new 48Gii comes with a plastic (ti like) slide on cover.

The old 48Gii came with 3 batteries, the new one with 4 AAAs.

The old 48Gii keyboard is often comparable to the Hp 49G+ keyboard (BAD!), the new 48Gii is the same as the Hp 50G.

I have a 48gii (in my hand - CNA60501...) that has a mini USB (the odd shaped type that many cell phones and bluetooth headsets use) and the cable that came with it. One end of the cable has the mating USB connector and a DB9f on the other end.

If you would like serial number info and pics, email me.


How many batteries?

The second version of the 48gII was introduced concurrently with the 50g. Like the 50g, the 48gII has four batteries, a (much) better keyboard and both a serial and USB port. The USB connector is type Mini B. I believe the serial connector is a custom job, but it any event is odd looking. The cable that comes with the newer package is definitely a USB cable.

One end of the cable has the mating USB connector and a DB9f on the other end.

I'm guessing that's the older type. The new one has two ports.

There are a few ways to distinguish the two versions.

If they are in the retail package, check the writing on the front of the package to see if it says it supports USB. You can also check to see if there are 3 batteries or 4 in the package.

If the unit is out of the package, just look at the top of the calculator to see if there is one connector (serial, old version) or two (serial and USB, new version).

The old versions are sometimes available new on TAS for around $60 (or they used to be several months ago). To me, it's a very inexpensive way to get a really first class calculator.