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Full Version: How to register new HP 15C LE?
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Hi all,

I am having difficulty registering my newly acquired HP 15C LE at hp.com

when i put HP 15C calculator in the product registration form, i get "search results - O products"

funny, I could register my HP 12C 30AE earlier.

btw my HP 15C is LE 00118. is this a record of sorts, excluding Tim (or Cyrille's?) LE 00000? :-)

hpnut in Malaysia

Mine is #00052. :-)

Do I hear a lower bid? like a Dutch auction (no offence to our friends from the Netherlands ;-)

It's a pity the emulator software does not work under Mac OS!

It works fine with wine, I'm using http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/

Guys and gals,

appreciate it if we can keep to the topic ;-)


Chill out, and have some Dutch cheese with that wine ;-)

Best cheese I ever had was smoked gouda from a farm in The Netherlands!

I'm way up at 2157 on me 15C LE number.

Was it gouda than other smoked varieties?