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Full Version: [WP-34] New Overlay Version 3.0 Eric Please !
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I sent an email to Eric but he did not respond (2 weeks)
Does anyone have any news about the new version 3.0 overley?

We haven't fixed the layout yet, so no overlay is possible.

- Pauli

With a little effort you can patch your overlay to match the present layout. It can be viewed by starting the latest emulator or looking at the V3 bitmap in the trunk/windows/bin directory.

Eric told me a few weeks ago that he was waiting for the new keyboard to be fixed as Paul already pointed out.

Please let me point you to an older answer and solution. I'll update the artwork shortly - stay tuned.

If you just need to update the artwork, I can do that myself.

I'm just waiting for confirmation that the 3.0 keyboard arrangement has been finalized, because I don't want to be printing overlays that end up being a weird 2.2/3.0 hybrid.


Eric, I'm well aware of you waiting for said confirmation. But you got me wrong. When I update the artwork, people can print it and create temporary paper overlays as explained in the old thread I pointed to. Those will do easily (and ease life) until we are ready for releasing the new layout d:-)

Walter, perhaps you could comment on remaining areas of uncertainty?

@ All: You find the new overlay here now: http://wp34s.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/wp34s/artwork/wp34s_overlay_v3.png

@ Howard: Nothing in particular, we're just not sure enough yet that's the optimum. Personally, I don't really see an advantage in y<> and z<> though they look good there :-/

We are still inventing new features and one of them may finally end up on the keyboard. Just wait and see.