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Full Version: Re: [finally here!] Problems with International shipping of HP15c LE
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My three HP15c LE calculators have arrived at long last :-)

Here is a summary of the path taken (reminds me of the travelling salesman problem):

Departure USA, Sept 26, 2011, via New Caledonia, detour to France, stay 1 week in French customs, return to USA, arrival in Greece, 3-weeks in Greek customs, delivered to me in Athens on November 10, 2011.

Chris at Samson cables was helpful in contacting USPS to find out what was happening and for informing me of contact telephone numbers once the package had arrived at Greek customs.

I still need to do a full keyboard check and self test of each unit, but the one I am using has a nice reliable keyboard somewhere between my stiffer-clicking HP48GX and the softer-clicking HP28S. The HP15c LE is a much better quality calculator than the HP20b which I purchased a few months ago. My only criticism is that the x! , y^.r and Py,x key legends could do with being printed in a heavier yellow type to increase their clarity.


Edited: 12 Nov 2011, 12:16 p.m.