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Full Version: 200LX Ram cards compatible with 48GX?
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Does anyone know whether the Ram cards that go in the 200LX (palmtop) are compatible with 48GX ? They appear to be similar?

Hope someone has the answer

No, the 200LX uses PCMCIA cards and the 48GX uses cards that are specifically designed.

That is a shame.
Many thanks for clarifying

...and, fwiw, those '48GX' style cards were also used in some IBM laserjet printers. I believe the original mechanical/electrical design was done by Epson (which HP modified slightly), although I have not been able to find an official specification.


Look for JEIDA, and maybe PCMCIA 1.0 ;-)

Actually there were 8bit and 16bit cards of this mechanical layout, the 16bit cards having more slide-on contacts...



48GX cards?

The cards for the HP-48 (S/G) are 8bit, but there were 16bit cards for other devices.

Slightly OT:
Back then at W&W we used a Sprint Plus full size ISA card and software to burn OTPs and EPROMs for the HP-48,

and I still have my Needham's Electronics PB10 EPROM burner with a special dual socket for these 8 and 16 bit JEIDA cards.