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Full Version: Emerson E12 (rebranded Corvus 500) pics
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A few days ago I posted about this calculator, now I managed to take some photos and upload them online (took me too long, I know...) but that thread is in the archives now so I have to start a new one.
Anyway, for those interested, here are the pictures, showing the front and the insides of the calculator - you can clearly see the Corvus mark on the motherboard, and the HP display...


Photo 1

Photo 2

So, does anyone know:
1) where to find that high-density foam that is between the keys and the metal domes in many keyboards;
2) where to find the HP display shown in the pic (I have little hope...)
3) What material to use to rebuild the battery contacts when they're too corroded to be just cleaned?


Thank you, Cristian. You are correct that it looks identical to a Corvus 500, except for the logo. Have you succeded in repairing the battery contacts ?

Edit: I see you still have the battery contact problem.

Edited: 7 Nov 2011, 9:00 a.m.

Which Emerson is this? There's an Emerson Electronics out of Canada, but they use a G Clef as a symbol. Is this the same one?

There's another Emerson in the US but they make mainly industrial controls and telecom equipment.

I don't know... It's "Emerson Electronics", made in Hong Kong. I bought it on eBay a few weeks ago from an Italian seller, so I suppose it was bought in Italy (the seller was not a collector)...