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Full Version: Wang 360 RPN calculator
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Does anyone in this forum have experience with these units?

I have a system on its way to me that needs work to get operational.

According to Wang Model 360SE Calculator System these are not RPN calculators as they do not have a stack. Not all calculators having and ENTER key are providing RPN.

I thought it was RPN after watching this video

It should have at least two registers if I correctly understood the examples given, and the entry method appears to be RPN.

I have a Wang 520 that works the same way only with a lot more functions and stuff. I would not call it RPN any more than I'd call a Commodore Minuteman 6 RPN. There's no stack, no swap, no roll.


Not RPN, but has Nixie Tubes! It will be interesting to play with. will soon have:

1 - CPU - model 360 SE

7 - 360K / 362K keyboards

1 - 320K keyboard

3 - CP-1 Card reader

1 - IBM Porta-punch for punching cards

If any of these extra pieces are of interest, let me know. I know I will not want all of them as I envision they will take up too much space.

Edited: 6 Nov 2011, 10:37 a.m.

Some might call it RPN, but not me.

However it will definitely be fun to play with! I love the Nixie display and Wang signature huge square buttons with nice click feedback.

Not RPN, but has Nixie Tubes! It will be interesting to play with.

Are you announcing to the world that you can't wait to play with your Wang?

Edited: 7 Nov 2011, 8:21 p.m.