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Full Version: hp48sx RevA
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My hp48sx has the rev. A rom (which as quite a few known bugs). How does this affect its value (I also have the original manuals, the quick reference book, the hp eqn. library card, and the serial cable).


Dissapointing I know, but I have not seen any of the 48 series bring much thus far, with GX still higher than SX. A NIB 48SX might reach 100$ I don't know. Seems like most mint are in the 50-80$ range, more if apps card packs are included of course.

I have a 48SX. How can I tell the ROM release?

To determine the ROM release of your 48sx do the following:

1.) press and hold the "ON" button
2.) press the "D" button then release both buttons
3.) your screen will go blank and have 3 vertical lines evenly spaced across.
4.) press the "backspace" key
5.) press the "eval" key and your ROM release will be displayed

6.) press "on"-"C" to exit

If you do everything properly you won't loose any of your files either.