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Full Version: TFF update; Ángel's on a roll
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Three more modules are up: Antennas, Optometry and Physics...

at the UC-41 page

Arghh... I'll be ready to do the Flash updates to the next 50

41CL boards in a few days. I'll include everything up to when

I start the process, although they will not have mnemonics

for the PLUG functions due to space restrictions. Or should I

wait until all the solution books are done?

I'd really like to start shipping ASAP.


Please wait !!!

I agree. Please wait.

Or should I wait until all the solution books are done?

How long will that take?

I'd really like to start shipping ASAP.

Since I didn't make it onto the list for this batch, I'm hoping you sell out quickly and move on to the next run. :)

But I thought the Flash was already full?? Anyway I cannot commit to getting many more of these done in the next weeks, so I would NOT wait beyond perhaps a couple of days (it's a long week-end here :-).

Besides, these are just the Solution Books, people! - not new-fangled developments.- Let me remind you: first generation 41 code, no X-functions, no sytnthetics, no new functions, ... and all that.

You could always burn them to flash/RAM later own, on an individual basis - MHO.

Flash is not full. There were about 50 pages free (or thereabouts as I remember).

Two new modules: Geometry and High Level Math.

I will be doing a few more in the weekend.

One more: "Interchangeable Solutions", UPLE program(s) #01475C, by Humbert Hans Suarez. (is he still around, does anyone know?)