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Full Version: Need a US proxy for a battery for an HP Portable Plus
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I need to buy one of these:

HP Portable Plus Battery

... but they only ship in the US.

Anybody wants to act as a proxy?

Hi Geir,

If I am not mistaken these are D cell sized Lead Acid cells such as these. I built my own pack out of three of the above for considerably less. Are these or something like them available where you are?



It's the same one used in the 9114 disk drive, just with some connectors added to change the leads.

I ordered at "www.accu-ecke.de", model number: MP2, 8-6P
Multipower Batterit 6V/2,8Ah (C20).

I don't think so. The battery used in the 9114 looks completely different. Unless, of course, the image on the web page is not correct. Here is a link to the 9114 battery: battery.



the page you point to lists the capacity as 2.5 amp-hours. that is pathetically low compared to modern cells. you'd be better off using five AA sized Ni-Mh cells (close to 3 amp-hours), then charge them externally.

in the same space you could fit 10 AA cells wired parallel/series to get over twice the original capacity (and hence twice the run time).

I'll act as your proxy.  This can be taken care several ways; I can buy the assembled battery locally or receive one that you order and have shipped to me and remail it to you. Regards John Pierce