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Full Version: R.I.P. John McCarthy
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Another seminal figure in the computer revolution has died.


(format t "I'm sorry to hear that...")

Edited: 25 Oct 2011, 11:44 a.m.

Strangely for a mechanical engineer, I have had exposure to LISP. We used to call it, "Lots of Irritating Silly Parenthesis".

It was used as the scripting language for AutoCAD software.

RIP John McCarthy

That is shame. His LISP language seems to have been an important influence on HP's RPL, where HP removed the need for parentheses by making theirs a post-fix functional language drawing on their own RPN and Forth. I still get a buzz out of passing named and anonymous functions around as parameters, e.g, when using the R language or one of my HP calculators, rather than just manipulating data.


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