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Full Version: Canon Pocketronic - Power Supply
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Hi Folks,

Just received a very nice Canon Pocketronic with the famous 13 batteries inside. The cells look nice, I charged with a Bench Supply the 7 small ones at the lower end of the calculator.They still seem to hold a charge.

Unfortunately is the power supply missing, should be 16V DC. The connector had 3 pins, somebody out in the World who knows the voltages of the pins?

Thanks and Regards,



It's a split supply with -10.5 volts and +9 volts. Only the row of 3 pins on the power connector are used, the center one is ground (I don't recall which of the two is + vs -).

While you could use a single supply of 19.5 volts I would not recommend it. The -10.5 volt supply charges the 7 x 2/3AA cells while the +9 volt supply charges the 6 x AA cells. Since they have different capacities you'll either under or over charge one set of cells. However, if these are old cells that need to be replaced anyway, go right ahead.

It's possible to replace all the cells with AAA cells in plastic holders. Somewhere on this forum I described how I did this.



Short question: Do you have by chance an orginal power supply that you could borrow me for a few days starting this Saturday?



Check your PM.