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Full Version: System RPL on the HP49G
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Can someone please explain to me how you go about programming in System RPL for the 49G. I have read several articles/texts but what I want to know is how to do it from the beginning. That is how to install the required libraries - both on the HP49G and external and what steps you would use to start to program, compile etc in system RPL. I would be very greatful if someone could explain this WITH exmples.

I haven't done it yet but I have been searching for information. Have you read the items recommended in the "20 Essential Things..." file at hpcalc.org? ( http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=4910) Also, Jean-Yves Avenard's website (http://www.epita.fr/~avenar_j/hp/calcen.html) seems to be a fairly official source of program development information, since HP doesn't seem to have any on their website. His 49g page is mostly just about the FlashROM versions but the other pages (48g, 38g and 39/40g) have development tools and entry point lists you can download. I was surprised to see that you can program the 38/39/40g in SysRPL.

But speaking of HP, isn't it strange or depressing or something, that the web address molded into the cases of some of the recent models doesn't even exist? You would think they could at least have left an archive there with the good old "NOMAS" disclaimer.

Try looking at the quit thorough programming manual by Eduardo Kalinowski. It has just about everything you need to know. The second edition comes in two volumes, the manual and program examples. You can find it at:


Yes, those are among the recommended books in the "20 Essential Things ..." file. I have only taken a quick look at them, but they are the most tutorial things I've seen.