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Full Version: WP 34S: trouble with CLSTK
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I noticed that CLSTK not only clear the stack, but also registers L and I, so LastX value is lost after performing a CLSTK. I have revision 1728 in my 34s and I am using revision 1747 on my computer. In both of them I see the same result.

Of course, other calculators as the 42s or the 35s, preserve LastX after clearing the stack.



Buenas dias Miguel,

Thank you for reporting this. I admit I didn't use CLSTK for months - I take 0 FILL instead. But anyway, you found a real bug :-) Congratulations! We will take care of it.


More a lack of communication and inadequate command definition than a bug :-( The question being are L and I part of the stack registers or not -- they are intimately linked to them at the least.

Anyway, clear stack no longer clears I and L.

- Pauli

Edited: 22 Oct 2011, 3:09 a.m.

Thank you guys.

As always, user support is second to none :-)



I admit I didn't use CLSTK for months - I take 0 FILL instead

That is exactly what I also do, but for programming I would rather use CLSTK, and that is how I found the issue.

Edited: 22 Oct 2011, 7:36 a.m.