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Full Version: Fully testing HP 41
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I love old hp calculators since i'm young, but too expensive for me at that time ;-)

Now, I could purchase several ones (67, 41c, 41cv, 41cx), not to store them in a shelf but to have the pleasure of using them daily :-)

For 67, it exist a program that fully test it, but I've none for 41...
So my question is: is it possible to find on the market the Service Roms used to deeply test them ? Is there an alternative to this ?

Thanks a lot for your help and experience.

In the case of the 41C, 41CV and 41CX there are specific ROM modules that were used to test the functions.

There is no "blanket program" akin to the 67/97 or 65 families, or self tests such as the voyager and later families.

If you have a CLONIX and PIC programmer you can configure the clonix to be a TEST ROM.

Not to helpful, I know, so test the old fashioned way. try out functions and compare the answers to a known source.

Cheers, Geoff


I know I saw somewhere that if you have the 67 test (on magnetic card) you can modify the test to run on the HP41.

I remember starting to try that once but didn't get back to it...

The card reader for the 41 has a routine built in to convert programs from a 67/97 to run on the 41.

The problem with the 67 diagnostic is that it doesn't test all the extras that the 41C has:

nested executes
time functions
x memory
x functions
rom module connections

It does test the 67 extensiviley. Also, the error codes that arise will be on the most part meaningless as they are specific to the 67.

Cheers, Geoff

Thanks a lot for your answers.

I'll try to find one of those old test rom.


I have two HP-41 test modules. I remember one labled "PCP ET 11966". I don't remember what it does. You can borrow them for testing and copying if you want to.



See this article . Some details about the HP 41c/v/x service Modules.