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Full Version: Charlemagne Proto
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Following the thread about protos (Jaguar).

I have a 'Charlemagne' proto with an eprom on the back.

I bought it at a garage sale (knowing what is was).

Knowing that the target for such an item is limited (but definately there) I'm clinging on to it like it was made
of GOLD.

anyone else out there with a similar device.


Not quite so exotic, but I have what *appears* to be sort of a prototype 48G, although the seller didn't say so in his listing. From the case color and keys, it looks like a 48S, but the faceplate is for a 48G. The ROM is version H, which, as far as I know, was never publicly released. If I ignore the faceplate, it functions as a 48S. I saw it on eBay, and was the only bidder; I paid less than what would be typical for a 48S or 48G if I remember correctly.

It's the only calculator that I own as purely a "collectible". Although it works just fine as a 48S, the 48G faceplate makes it rather confusing to actually use it (at least, without an overlay). I have no idea of what the market value "should" be, but I'm not about to part with it anyway.