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Full Version: HP 15C LE back in stock at HP H&HO
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Just noticed that the HP 15C LE is back in stock at the HP Home & Home Office webstore. Don't know how long this will last, so hurry up and order if you want one at MSRP. Try the SAVE15HP coupon to save $15. Good luck.


"In stock: Can ship within 24 hours." - Right. I ordered two on 9/25 and they have not shipped yet. Something seems very fishy.

Did you buy them from HP Home or HP Business ? I bought 2 from HP Home and they shipped immediately.

Edited: 18 Oct 2011, 1:05 p.m.

Good catch. I ordered from HP Business.

Notice that HP Business offers no indication of the stock status of their items, but that HP Home specifically states "in stock" and won't let you order unless it has an "in stock" status.

Out of stock already. :(

Wow ! That was quick.

51 minutes from when you posted that they were back in stock!

....and they're all gone... . ....

I ordered from the HP business website on October 11. I called HP Business customer service yesterday (17th) and a representative told me that they will be shipping out "this week". I actually called a week ago around October 14, and they said it will be shipping out on Monday the 17th, so I have no idea when to expect my HP 15c, lol.

HP definitely has a hit on their hands.

or the TAS resellers bought them all.

Therefore ... TAS resellers also think that HP definitely has a hit on their hands :-)