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Full Version: Thanks Eric!
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Thanks for the HHC 2011 Proceedings CD!

Second! :-)

You're welcome.

Actually these weren't the proceedings. The discs were made a week before the conference, before the proceedings were made. This disc was supposed to be included with the packets at registration, but due to a total failure of the USPS (the package sent by Priority Mail took 7 days to go halfway across the country), the package with the discs didn't arrive in time.

The discs contain the current copy of my website, plus a bunch of other goodies (official HP press photographs, all the manuals from HP's website, and more).


Edited: 14 Oct 2011, 1:35 a.m.

Oh! So I have some goodies waiting for me when I get home next Thursday? If so, thank in advanced Eric!


Excellent! Thank you vey much for the disk and the WP34s overlay!

Thanks for the goodies then. I already have hardcopy of the proceedings, so this is better. :)