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Full Version: WP34s and complexity
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Firstly, I'd like to re-iterate that the WP34s (2.1 1630)is an awesome machine. Again, my thanks and congratulations to all that are supporting it.

I am concerned about support as this machine continues to evolve. Functionality will be added to support users requirements and potential bugs will be awakened or generated.

I hope that we will maintain control of various 'stepping stones' along this development path.

For example, there are matrix functions being added to the current machine. There may be compromises in other functionality of the machine (for instance, loss of some of the 9 flash areas). Perhaps to some users, a '2.1' machine with 9 flash areas is more important than a '2.2' machine with only 5 flash areas). I hope that all documentation, source and .bin files will continue to be available for all variations.


AFAIK, that's exactly what sourceforge and SVN is for: you can go to any build and get the files for that.

I agree, that is what SVN is for. However, for instance, I was looking for a version 2.0 (pdf)manual. How does one find that?


Because the file was renamed, you need to search through the history of the doc directory:


This is a typical problem with most RCS. What should be done is that the file name never changes, and create an "edition", such as a symlinks to a specific version with that verion in it's name.

Thank you Dominic; that is a help, however, I have a few pages from a DIFFERENT 2.0 version of the documentation.

I had printed part of the 2.0 manual but did not save the entire document. The version I have parts of has 34s 2.0 1099 on the front/title page and has 81 pages.

If I change the last digits of the URL you gave me to 1099, I get a manual that looks close (it also has 81 pages), but the front/title page shows 34s 2.0 1089.

How does one go about searching for these manuals in the RCS? Do they no longer exist?



you can get it from me. Please drop me an email stating your email address.


Looking for build number 1099 of calc.bin and the respective documentation, you find it as follows:

  1. Start here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wp34s/develop
  2. Clicking on "browse code" will take you here: http://wp34s.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/wp34s/
  3. Click on trunk/ , then realbuild/ . Now you'll be here: http://wp34s.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/wp34s/trunk/realbuild/
  4. Choose calc.bin for obvious reasons. Then scroll way (!) down until 1099.
  5. Clicking on that number brings you here: http://wp34s.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/wp34s?view=revision&revision=1099 You can download calc.bin from one of its neighbouring sites.
  6. Go to next revision twice, reaching http://wp34s.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/wp34s?view=revision&revision=1101 (surprise! ;-) Now you're next to the documentation you want. Just download it :-)


Hello Walter:

Thank you very much! That gives us a reliable method to get to any .bin file.

However, I do not understand your last step, "..go to next revision twice."


Being at step 5, you'll find on that site a tag "Jump to revision: ..." "Go" followed by two arrows "Previous revision" and "Next revision". Clicking twice on "Next revision" will take you from 1099 to 1101.


Got it! Thanks again!