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Full Version: WP-34s Users' Guide - looking for writers/editors
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Steve Simpkin and I have put together a framework and table of contents for traditional HP-like manual for the WP-34s. Only it's Wiki based, using the same engine as wikipedia.org, MediaWiki.

This is meant to be the "dummies" Guide to Walter's detailed and technical reference manual.

For example, it took me about 1/2 hour to figure out the exact keystrokes necessary to get my program to output an "=" sign in the alpha area with the result. So I documented it in a wiki page, complete with button icons.

But Steve and myself have neither the time nor the expertise to write the whole thing, so it's a community project - it will be as good as we make it.

WP-34s Users' Guide

Click on the "Community Portal" for instructions on how to get signed up and contribute!

Note that there are tools to turn the entire wiki into a PDF book, once we have content in it.

Edited: 13 Oct 2011, 1:02 p.m.

Dominic, any interest in hosting your manual on wiki4hp.com, where a lot of the discussion around the WP 34S details is already happening?

I can add a MediaWiki formatter for you, if you prefer. There are already a fair number of contributors in that wiki as it is...


Hi Bruce,

That would be a good idea.

I initially passed by wiki4hp because it was dokuwiki and sourceforce was Mediawiki. However, at sourceforge we're limited to their default configuration and extensions that they supply. For instance I'd like to add the PdfBook extension so people can just print it out as a book.

So yes, if you can install MediaWiki on wiki4hp we can use that instead.