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Full Version: hp-15c LE firmware update HOWTO?
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I purchased two of the new 15C LE calculators with firmware 2011-04-15, and have been following the posts here. If a firmware update is made available, how will it be made available? i.e., can I send my calculators to be re-flashed (to HP, or to someone who has the cables and has done this before with other HP calculators), or will I be expected to do it myself somehow? How has this worked in the past?

Edited: 12 Oct 2011, 9:39 a.m.

These are all good questions that only HP can answer.

There has been no systematic way past ARM-based HP calculators have been upgraded after purchase. Some people do it themselves by getting a cable (from HP and now via Gene) and asking HP for the latest firmware, it's not posted anywhere. The HP website/manuals don't even acknowledge that these machines can be upgraded.

Texas Instruments makes operating system and software updates for its handhelds a big feature. For example, see here:



there's a SDK for the 20b available from HP, containing a firmware file. I found it somewhere on HPs website and used it to update my 20b. So, some acknowledgement has been made.


Paging Gene...

I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago but didn't hear back yet, I'd like to order one of the cables form you.