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Full Version: HP Calculator Communications - USB -> RS232/Serial on Win7/64?
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What is the recommended USB -> Serial convertor for usage with the latest Win7/64bit OS?

In the past, I've been pleased with the performance of a Belkin device as it had RX/TX indicators and drivers were immediately available. Now I find that this device is not supported by the manufacturer with Win7/64.

Thank you in advance for your advice,

The FTDI converter that I referenced in article 1060 has drivers that claim Windows 7 64-bit compatability - driver list


If you can figure out what USB to RS232 chip your Belkin adaptor is using, you could check the chip manufacturer's website to see if Win7 64 drivers are available. Belkin doesn't really design anything themselves these days, and they certainly don't design USB to RS232 ASICs.

Does anyone know of a USA source?


Doesn't sell FTDI directly?

Yes, I purchased mine using the "buy online" button. However, the HQ is UK based and there may be additional transport costs for our friends on the other side of the Atlantic.

Digi-Key Corporation and
Mouser Electronics both sell FTDI products.

Here's what I use and it works under Win7: FTDI - US232-100 USB to RS232 Serial Cable. Newark part number 34M8933; cost $24.


Several are available on Amazon. Just search for FTDI RS232.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Thank you all for your helpful assistance and recommendations.

Surprisingly enough, the Belkin device does NOT use generic (i.e. FTDI type devices; there is a hand labelled ASIC in it!). (If anayone is curious for details, email me and I can take some pics.)

In the meantime I will pursue the FTDI devices.