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Full Version: The way that it is moved through the Meta kernel from port1 to port2.
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I installed Meta Kernel(Ver2.30) in HP-48GX (ROM Version R).
I have an 128k RAM card and an 1M RAM card.
I attach 128k-RAM-CARD to port1.
I attach 1M-RAM-CARD to port2-9.
I want precious port1 to marge in port0.
Besides, I want to use MetaKernel.
Can I travel in MetaKernel from port1 to port2?

I have MK 2.2 on ROM card, and it uses all of Port 1, nothing else can be stored there. You cannot then merge Port 0 and 1. (Try it, you'll get a "Port Not Available" error message.) You should still have about 120KB in Port O, and about 131KB in each of the remaining Ports of your RAM card. The MK filer will allow you to easily move things throughout this remaining memory. The MK Filer is probably the best calculator memory tool I've ever seen!


J.C. Randerson
Pueblo, Colorado

Thank you for responding.

I am very much satisfied with the function of "Meta Kernel 2.30" as well as you, too.
But, I must endure it only by the memory of PORT0.
I want move Meta Kernel to PORT2.

It is impossible to move MK to Port 2 as Ports 2 thru 32 are uncovered on the HP48. If you need a better memory structure buy an HP49, everything you need is built into ROM and all Ports are free.


J.C. Randerson

Pueblo, Colorado