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Full Version: The most abused phrase "Check Back Soon"
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Check Back Soon

Edited: 11 Oct 2011, 1:28 p.m.

That's why these things go for a premium on TAS. The page says the calculator is "unavailable from the manufacturer" and the bezel says "Limited Edition." Q.E.D.

What exactly had to be shown? That it's a limited edition? We knew that. Each calculator is ;-).

BTW - There are apparently 3000 US 15C LEs. Any hints given on how many european calculator there will be? And has anyone @HP mentioned other contries? It has already shown up on the japaneese HP site.

HP calls it a Limited Edition. The constant "Sold Out" message proves it.

I see I must make explicit what I left as an exercise.

It is well known that

Ub = Fi*(Ar + Vs)2

Ub = urgency to buy,
Fi = impulsivity factor,
Ar = anticipated rarity,
Vs = verified scarcity

Since Ar and Vs are both >0, and impulsivity (among Americans) approaches infinity as long as the mortgage isn't due, we have Ub approaching infinity as well.

Since it has been widely reported in the Silly Mathematics literature that PeBay is directly proportional to Ub, we have PeBay > what you really ought to pay. Q.E.D.

Any logical inconsistencies or antifactual facts noted by the reader are irrelevant because I say so.


Nice theory

Don't forget about

Ub = Fi*(Ar + Vs)2+  Hmedia3

Hmedia= Media Hype (incl. from a unit left in a pub to leaked datasheets)

media hype only raised to the power of 3? ;-)