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Full Version: Warning if you have a calculator shipped outside the US. No warranty.
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So, after getting an HP 15 shipped from Samson Cables to Canada, one of the two I ordered has a faulty Enter key. It clicks, but does not always register. It is serious enough that the person I gave it to is actually giving it back to me in frustration. This was a gift to a customer, so you can imagine my chagrin.

Samson has said that they can't do anything. They can't get any more calculators, and that I need to go to HP direct.

So, I contact HP 1-800-DO-LITTLE customer support line, only to be told that there is NO warranty for a product out side the US that was sold only IN the US. Really? I have a US mailing address, what does it matter where the darn thing was bought or shipped to?

Can anyone help me out here? What am I supposed to do? I am really disappointed with HP's patent pending support.

Yeah, that sounds like an interesting bit of lawyering. Perhaps you could use your US address to file the warranty claim? A bit of a nuisance, but better than being stuck with a dead calc. Also, I'm not sure if HP is shipping replacements either, you might be better off taking your $ back if Samson will refund and waiting for more to be made.

I know none of these are great options, but they may be all you have.

I would be happy to claim your warranty for you, if you can't just call HP again without mentioning your location.

That policy is absurd.

Hopefully someone from HP will chime in with an official response, but I was told by HP a couple years ago that the warranty is valid worldwide, and I know that others in Europe have had no problems getting their warranty handled even if they purchased the calculator in the US. This was not the case in the past, however.

Maybe you just got the wrong person? Maybe try calling back again and you'll get a better answer?


Sounds like a lottery;-)

That lottery's called "case law" ;-)

I recently received a 12c+ shipped from the US to Europe. It had bad keys (the Enter key among them). I had no problems whatsoever with the warranty claim. That was three/four days ago, and I'm now waiting for a replacement (with my fingers crossed, just in case).

It is true that the 12c+ is being sold in Europe, and the 15C LE is not being sold in Canada (or anywhere else, for that matter :-) ). But I'm not sure if that is an issue at all. So, my advice is: try again; you may indeed get an assistant with a different "opinion".

Best of luck

Thanks all.

Nicholas, I may yet take you up on your generous offer, however I am hopeful that a mechanism can be found that will eliminate this frustration for folks in Europe as well as us in Canada.

Next step: I guess I am going to have to call again. If I get the same answer then HP has definitely lost me as a customer.

I will keep everyone apprised on how this goes.

Best of luck, Jim. Hopefully HP will do the right thing and replace the calculators pronto.