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Full Version: HP-35 red dot - real or fake?
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There is a listing on TAS right now (item 110755350953) that claims to be a red dot 35. I always thought that a red dot had the label "Hewlett Packard", not "Hewlett Packard 35" - the "35" edition came later. Can anyone confirm this? Is this a fake, or a red dot with a new label?

However it has been serviced (front sticker and back sticker have been replaced), so it's not in original state and therefor lacks "The Bug".
Still a real red dot.

Mine is real ;-)

In addition to the wrong label, it looks somewhat unreal to me, due the distance from the power button to the "red dot". The outlets inside the calculator are like new, indicating that this has been opened. The low starting price tag from 0.99 US$ ! .. I think its a fake.


The position of the hole is correct.

Due to the construction of the battery pack and gold plating, corrosion on the contacts rarely ever happened. I think I've only seen one of the classics with noteworthy corrosion.

Nevertheless, the calculator has been opened before, very likely during HP service.

The seller obviously knows "something" about HP calcs, so starting at 0.99 is no real risk, but increases the possibility of a bidding war.

Edited: 10 Oct 2011, 11:32 a.m.

I rader have a none-working and in bad shape red dot in ordinary state, than one coming from HP service, when I see this - B A D - work.

An old calculator shall by my opinion look old, it even do not have to work.

(By the years, I have to admit there is one calculator that stands out from the crowd. I have used both HP-, TI-, Sinclair- and CASIO. Both HP-15C and TI-34 are excellent calculators, but the CASIO FX-82 (LCD) from 1983 stand out! The AA sized batteries still works and there are no corrosion, no keyboard errors, no display errors... no errors even in the year 2011.

I am a big fan of HP calculators, but have to admit that CASIO is the winner.