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Full Version: 42s repair..
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I have a 42s kicking around which needed some attention.
As I received it the display was defunct apparently due
to decompressed, contaminated, or defective zebra connectors.
I took some jpegs during the repair process which I thought
may be of interest/use to others so I've located them here.

I've before called the 42s "repair hostile" however I now believe
the mechanical design deliberately intends to torment.
For as much as folks (justifiably) gripe about the DOA rate
of the 15C le, given the overall design, provision
of using 9 screws to reattach the PCB, standard OTS
snap domes, and a conventional sam7l in a lqfp, I'd be
hard pressed to find a more maintenance and
experimentation-friendly design.

Thanks for sharing!