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Full Version: 15C LE - arrived!
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Bought from SC, paid $94,99 + $18 shipping, about 16 Euro taxes. No rattling f, g keys, all keys registering. LE-No. 2936.

Guess I'm extremly lucky - and for sure happy :-).

See! I told you so! ;)

Trusting your crystal bowl (of course!), I had a hard time nonetheless ;-).

Keys feel exactly like those of the 35s (surface and feedback on keypress), but this moment of horror went away after just a few seconds. For some instant fun, I implemented my 32SII program for the HHC2011 excercise/contest. Writing, but never reading operating instructions, I missed the x=y? test and replaced it with "- x=0?". Accidently, without actually realizing what I did, I glanced through the backplate text and found TEST 5 afterwards. Oh well...