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Full Version: Recent 15LE orders on hold?
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I got my order in last Monday (in stock at the HP small business website) and haven't been charged or received a ship notice yet. The last few days I've checked, the online portal shows a "Cust. Quoted Delivery Date" of the current day (requested ship date is 9/26).

Has anyone received a recent order from HP? I'm starting to suspect they're not shipping until they get the keys and firmware fixed.

The last two that I received from HP Home & Home Office were ordered on 9/26 and received 9/28. They both shipped from the Memphis, TN distribution center. Very shortly after I placed my orders, the website returned to out-of-stock status. All 4 that I've received have had LE numbers under 3000.

My order from the small business site is in the exact same status, ordered one day prior.

Has anybody received a 15C with LE number above 3000?

I'm starting to suspect they're not shipping until they get the keys and firmware fixed.

A sensible guess! Hopefully, they're doing so.

According to all the posts about HP-15C LE here, the first 3,000 units seemed to be available online or in the US only.

I knew that HP-15C LE will arrive in Hong Kong no earlier than November. Probably, these units may have LE# higher than 3,000 with known problems fixed.

In order to tackle the keyboard issues, HP must not only stop the current production if at all possible, they need to open each package and let people perform the keyboard test to make sure that faulty units are not put to market. The y should have dine this in the first place.

I stay with my U.S. #52 but I'm hoping for a European unit from thecalculatorstore.com when it is available.

In the same boat -- ordered Sunday 9/26 from SMB and the "Cust. Quoted Delivery Date" is always the current date. Maybe the HP15CLE(fixed) will be more valuable than the first series of LE.

I ordered 2, and I see the same thing when I check status online. Well, at first the "Customer Quoted Delivery Date" said Oct. 5th, which to be honest is upsetting. I ordered with the assumption that they had them in stock, otherwise why did they show it in stock and take orders? Also, no emails or warnings were given that the shipping date would be Oct 5th. I ordered Sept. 25th, so I assumed that they would ship in a few days. Now, like you, the date keeps changing.

I did call the 6th and was told the calculators would ship “in a few weeks”. I am not getting a nice warm fuzzy feeling about being told to wait for a few more weeks.