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Full Version: Mapping HP-15C LE faulty keys
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I'm curious if faulty keys are related to their position in relation to the heat stakes. Please indicate which key/s are faulty.

Mine has faulty [.] key

[x] - Seems to have gotten much better with time and some contact cleaner.

[10^x] and [GSB] in my unit. As Marcus, mine seems getting better with usage.

Edited: 4 Oct 2011, 6:48 a.m.

If you look back at the older threads about the keyboards most people listed what key was bad, if they had a bad one.

Hi Marcus,

Could you explain how to use the contact cleaner? The only way is then to open the unit?

Thanks Miguel

I just pushed the key top a bit down and sprayed a tiny amount of cleaner in the gap. Then I agitated the key repeatedly for some time.