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Full Version: More talk of cults at HP
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The article "The trouble with superheroes" on page 74 of the October 1 issue of The Economist states in part

... HP has fallen victim to the cult of the corporate saviour. It keeps reaching outside its ranks to hire a superstar as CEO. This is something HP never did during its glory days. And it never seems to work. ...

A later paragraph heading is "Corporate culture matters more than stars." These days it seems that the HP board doesn't believe that.

IMHO, there's enough written about that board in earlier threads. It's a pity HP has it.

Hiring a superstar "savior" in hopes that he/she will solve everything has proven to be a guaranteed mistake. I see this all the time in sports - a team signs this great big hyped superstar who turns out to be not worth the hype. (Manny Ramirez anyone?) I certainly hope HP doesn't expect Meg Whitman to be the company's "savior".