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Full Version: HP 30b firmware
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if it not inconvenient, does someone have the HP 30b original firmware to share? I received a 30b to repurpose as a 34s, so to have, finally, a better keyboard, but I would like to be able to reflash it back, just in case.

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Contact Gene Wright via forum mail.

I'm not offering to send it, not knowing if there is some kind of copyright issue. Gene seems to be the official HP contact person for this.

Edited: 2 Oct 2011, 10:36 a.m.

Perhaps there is a way to download the existing code before flashing on the new code. That would eliminate any copyright issues with providing the code to another. However, I'm not sure how to do it.

There is no way to do that. Getting into SAM-BA mode requires clearing a bit in the processor. The existing firmware has no provisions for this (34S has!). The consequence: Only a full erase allows access to the flash memory but then it's already too late.

... requires clearing a bit in the processor.

Would that be a "flash read-protect" bit? Something that has been present on PGA's, ROM's, EPROM's etc. etc. etc. for decades and which any sensible OEM would use to protect their IP :-)

I decided to particularly buy a second 30b for a 34s reprogramming.

There are two such bits: One to decide which ROM area to boot: SAM-BA or the image in flash; and one to protect the flash from reading through the JTAG port. For SAM-BA to work, the boot bit needs to be reset. Alas, that requires a full flash erase operation of which it is a (desired) side effect.