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Full Version: HP 15C LE Manual corrections
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Is there a place where we can collect any errors found while reading the new manual? Here are some:

P.20: Note: Decimal digits from the mantissa that spill into the exponent field will disappear from the display when you press ", but will be retained internally.

The stray quotation marks are the problem.

P.35: 12.9 [+] 22.2481 Oops! The wrong divisor.

The plus symbol should be the division symbol.

Page 62: If the calculator is turned off, Continuous Memory will be preserved for a short period while the batteries are removed. Data and programs are preserved longer than other aspects of calculator status. Refer to appendix F for instructions on changing batteries.

I doubt these facts are true. If you remove both batteries the memory will be cleared. There is no technical reason why the status and data should have a different retention behavior. This was the case when data memory and status were stored in different physical chips on the original hardware but on the Atmel its all in one chip.

Edit: Added page 62.

Edited: 1 Oct 2011, 5:15 p.m.

Page 259: Under Low-Power Indication: "A battery symbol(*) shown in the upper-left corner of the display[..]" - Should be lower-left corner.

I am currently collecting the errata reported in the forum. Next week I will post the collected list as an article in the museum.


I worked through the manual (It's my first 15c :-) and found these bugs:

  • Page 61: ON / . 12.345,6700 (instead of 12.345.6700)
  • Minor: Especially in Complex-Matrix-Section there are some super-scripts (like Tilde) misaligned
  • Minor: Most i in Matrices are overlapping with text (e.g. page 169, example or 171 in the middle of page)
  • Page 104: First letter on page should be bold as well
  • Page 110: Brackets on top show the wrong part of 0. 050 02
  • Minor: Page 139: 2 ENTER 1 f DIM B: B is on new line, in original manual, all is on one line
  • Minor Page 140: f MATRIX 0: there are missing spaces before and after the MATRIX key (anyway spacing is not consistent across document :-)
  • Minor Page 170: 4 ENTER 1 f DIM B: B is on new line, in original manual, all is on one line
  • Minor Page 216: 19 f DIM (i): (i) is on new line, in original manual, all is on one line
  • Page 261: Self-Test...
  • Page 262: No blank line before I-Key description
  • Page 269: MEM section is written twice (repeatedly)

All in all, this one of the best manuals I have read :-)