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Full Version: So any pics / news from HHC 2011
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Does anyone have any news/pics to post related to the most recent HHC?

I posted pictures for the public on Facebook.


Search for my name Namir Shammas

Edited: 30 Sept 2011, 5:09 p.m.

Nice job Namir!
(and good seeing you again!)

[Tom Cee on fb.]

An HP-71 and interface converters for door prizes?? Wow! I guess I should try harder to go. Any of those would have more than paid for my trip!

Are there any news about Geoff Quickfall's book about restoring calculators ? Last thing I remember Geoff planned to release it for HHC 2011.

Geoff, are you listening ? I'd love to hear some good news from you and like to send you an order.



He asked for some more weeks to complete and proofread it. He has accepted orders.


I found your facebook page (I think) but did not see any HHC2011 photos. Perhaps I found the wrong Namir? Instead, I found photos of Montreaux and St. Peter's Basillica, among several other albums.\


Thanks, Marcus for the update. May I ask if you have an email-address or url for me to send my order to Geoff ?

Thank you for your short feddback in advance.



Try the forum email system.

I missed this too :-(

- Pauli

Does anyone have any news/pics to post related to the most recent HHC?

On a similar thought, does any sort of a synopsis of the event
exist? I haven't attended an HCC event thus far and regrettably
my plan to be on the left coast last weekend didn't pan out.

I'd just tried rummaging through hpmuseum.org for clues from
the past week, but have never understood where posts wander off
to when they age out of the 4-5 day recent post window.

You could look at the conference schedule to view the list of talks. But to really get the flavor of the conference I recommend contacting Jake Schwartz to get DVDs of past conferences. It will be a good while till he has the recent one ready, but there are many hours to view as it is. Jake does the Herculean task of editing in addition to videotaping, and we all owe him a depth of gratitude for it.

Brian Sorry I missed the CHIP meeting last night. Hope your presentation went well.

Also sorry to contact you on the public forum but tried a PM but didn't seem to work.

Can you please let me know when the next meeting will be at
njdjr AT the rest sbcglobal DOT net (remove "the rest")
Thanks, Norm

Hi Norm,
No problem, I just sent you an email with some info, and sorry, maybe I should have included my email address in the message above, which is bpwalsh - at - speakeasy - dot - net (or bpwalsh at gmail dot com).

Hope you can make the next meeting in two weeks.