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Full Version: Flashing HP 20b for WP 34S
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I use MySamba/download (10-25-2010) to download calc.bin 118KB in 14 seconds. At this point nothing I try will bring the calculator to life. The download application window is still open. The cable is still connected. The 20b appears lifeless. What now ???

MySamba does the same thing for me. I suggest you use SAM-BA 2.10 instead.


Windows 7, I can't get the app window to open once I fill in COM3 and the 7l128 model and click. I also tried moving the patch files into the appropriate directories.

Before installing 2.10 in Win7, did you tell it to run in Win XP SP2 compatibility mode?

I never could get the version I have to work under Win 7. Used a Windows XP box and all was good.

Thanks, I'll stop beating my head against the wall now. Next I'll probably try Windows XP running on Microsoft Virtual PC running on Mac OS X Leopard and hope that the USB Serial Software works with SAMBA in that environment.

You cannot flash just the 118 kB rom with Mysamba. It seems to need a full 128 kB file. You can create a full 128 kB file by concatenating the rom bin file with the various flash regions, which you can create with the emulator. The process is discussed in the manual, summarized as follows:

Open DOS window

change directory to where your files are

execute command:

copy /b wp34s.bin+wp34s-1.dat+wp34s-2.dat+wp34s-3.dat+wp34s-4.dat+wp34s-5.dat+wp34s-6.dat+wp34s-7.dat+wp34s-8.dat+wp34s.dat wp34s128.bin

Then load the wp34s128.bin file into the calcualtor with Mysamba.

You can use the same flash region over and over if you want, and they don't have to have any programs in them. The above is for a rom size of 118kB; the size changes occasionally as flash regions are consumed or freed up by changes. The wp34s-1, -2 etc. flash files are 1 kB each, the wp34s.dat file is 2 kB, just make sure to add enough flash region files with the 2kB file at the end to make the whole file 128 kB.

edited to add info on the process

Edited: 30 Sept 2011, 7:49 a.m.

I discussed this with Cyrille and it looks like the image is flashed but the SAM-BA boot bit isn't set to 1 after the flashing. I do have the MySamba source code and I only need a Pascal compiler to have a chance to modify it.


- Pauli

Delphi is required, even if not the most recent version, I assume. I may have a copy lying around somewhere. Just rewriting the PC part of it in C might be easier then porting to a different Pascal environment. A command line version will suffice.

Thanks Eric and everyone else.
On Windows 7 I loaded Microsoft Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.
Installed the driver for the Serial USB converter.
Installed SAM-BA 2.10.
Finally, it worked and my WP 34S is running per the installation instructions.