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Full Version: HP41 Battery Holder, made by additive manufacturing
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Some time ago a forum member (Jean-Michel Lecointre) lovingly created a model of his HP41 calculator using Solidworks. He posted a picture of it here in June 2007.

I had been looking for a battery holder for some time when a good friend mentioned that the company he works has there own 3D printing capability. I contacted Jean-Michel via his website and he very kindly sent me the file for the battery holder and gave me permission to use it.

The resulting battery holder function perfectly. I cobbled together my own version of the contact springs and also two anti-rattle shims. At the moment the holder is in white but I am sure it will be easy to apply some colour to the surface.

There is a picture of the part at,

The small website he created is at,

Ian Phillips

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I created some latches for the Classics & others using the same method. I tried to get the battery cover for the Spice series operational, but I need to find a tougher plastic and tweak the model some more.

What is the plastic & printer manufacturer? There are a huge variety of plastics available now.

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