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Full Version: Another order of 15c LE for me!
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I bought (3) HP 15C LE from Buy.com several weeks ago, back when there were posts that Buy.com had them in-stock on sale for 80 bucks. I just placed a new order with HP.com for 3 more (also for 80ish bucks... These calculators are not perfect, but they are pretty close with only trivial problems mentioned (trivial in my eyes...) with the exception of the current draw during keypresses. I ran self tests on all 3 of my current ones and I hope that the 3 new ones will also be of high quality. I am amazed and pleasantly surprised by the handsome display box that it comes in. I have bought many calculators in my time (finished school in 2006, EE) and everyone of them required nothing short of a light-saber/surgeon's scalpel to open. My "first string" 15c LE has been in my shirt pocket since they arrived. Hell it is in my shirt pocket right now along with my pentel 0.5 mechanical pencil and parker pen.

I am very happy that they decided to bring this calculator back and am more happy that it is selling so well! I've seen posts of folks buying 5-10 calculators. Hopefully they aren't trying to sell them on TAS and do the price gouging that I have heard about.

On a slightly different subject, I thought I remembered seeing (maybe back in 2004-2009???) on the HP site or a link they had for some very fancy calculator cases for the HP10C-16C. They had slipcases made of alligator, snakeskin, etc. Plus I think they did embroidery for a personalized touch... Does anyone remember this or am I just remembering a dream...

Remember to take it out of your shirt pocket before washing ;-)

With some luck batteries are empty if he didn't.