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Full Version: Original 15C Keyboard Test Works With 15C LE!!!
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Thanks to Geoff Quickfall who originally posted it in this thread...


You have to be quick and press all the keys in the sequence order fairly rapidly or you will get [ERROR 9].

Edited: 26 Sept 2011, 4:24 p.m.

He's not called Quickfall for nothin'...

But he wasn't the first to point this out. It was Marwan, on Sept. 19.

No disrespect to Marwan, must have missed his post.

At any rate the discovery deserves it's own [Subject] line for archival purposes so it will be easier for others to find.

Edited: 26 Sept 2011, 5:21 p.m.

I wasn't the first either <g>. Mike Morrow mentioned this on Sep. 9th and Tim Wessman mentioned it at some earlier time. I can't remember why I brought it up again but it was probably in response to someone saying that it didn't work.



The difference between a politician and an HP collector:

The politician will take credit for good ideas that weren't his,
The HP collector will pas along credit even when he might get away with keeping it :-)

LOL. Thank you! I don't think that I would ever be mistaken for a politician :).